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April 3, 2021284.2k
Now these are some HOT cross buns... ??? Easter wouldn’t be Easter without hot cross buns and @marksandspencer have smashed it out the park with all their new, delicious takes on an original family favourite!! @ercan_ram isn’t much of a sweet tooth, and I wanted to make something he would love to do I tried this little recipe using their amazing Chilli and Cheese Hot Cross Buns... Spoiler alert: They’re absolutely unreal but they’ve got a kick ??? So I found the recipe on the @marksandspencerfoodpr Instagram page but added a couple of my own twists! Since @ercan_ram is a HUGE meat eater, I fried off some bacon and popped that in there along with some red onions. The recipe called for cheddar cheese and just a handful but I never do anything by halves and it is Easter after all so I went for a butt load (genuine culinary term) of extra mature cheddar which got rave reviews from our diners... (ok, me, I gave it rave reviews ??) The overall affect is kind of like really cheesy and doughy eggy bread with a spicy little kick!! It’s seriously moreish and we both definitely had seconds ?? Anyway, the recipe was so easy and it’s all on the reel, so you guys can give a go if you fancy... I’m about to lie on the sofa and embrace this cheesy, carb coma I’m falling into rapidly... Happy Easter All ?? Ps I know this is controversial but we had ours with ketchup... ???‍♀️ We’re animals ?
April 3, 202152.1k
Oh Mother Nature you are a cruel, CRUEL mistress.. ??‍♀️? So this week I have welcomed my first period since I got my implant out & between you & me, he’s been a right bastard! (And yes, I give my period a masculine pronoun as more often than not he’s a knob ? Sorry fellas!) Having had the implant in for almost 15 years, I was apprehensive about what to expect and a little nervous. Turns out I was right to do so to be fair. Along with the usual, bloated tummy, cramps, lethargy & mood swings we have also added clumsiness, inability to articulate myself correctly (absolute nightmare on this weeks podcast record btw) & SWEATING to the period repertoire! Oh the joys of being a woman.. ??‍♀️? I had so many nice plans for Easter weekend, I wanted to go for a nice walk, have a bottle of wine with Ercan, cook a big roast.. And instead I’m lying on my sofa in my period pants, my swollen & sore belly making me look 6 months pregnant, watching plebs & sobbing into my doughnuts.. So please everyone, do some nice eastery things for me & post about them so I can live vicariously through you ?? Before I let you all go & enjoy your weekend.. I will leave you with a comprehensive list of all the reasons I cried in the last 2 days: - I saw a man with a hearing aid - I saw a dog with his back legs in one of those doggy wheelchair type things (this was actually a 3 pronged tear attack- I firstly cried because I just was so upset about the poor little thing, then I cried secondly because I was so happy he obviously had such a nice owner who loved him regardless & he seems so happy, finally I cried later that night because I remembered him - My hand hurt (I’m sorry I can’t elaborate further) - I watched a video of a young boy being reunited with his older brother who’d been away at college - I went to 4 different shops on the high street & couldn’t get mini eggs. Like seriously, what does a girl have to do to get a packet of mini eggs round here?!! ? - Ercan didn’t get me anything from kfc when I said I wasn’t hungry (I know, how dare he right?) - I don’t get to see Mavie eat her first Easter egg - I still don’t have a dog. Right, I’m off to menstruate ??