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November 23, 20205
This is amazing You can win over £3000 of Louis Vuitton ??
November 13, 20200.9k
A back pack is ALWAYS a good idea ? I named my backpacks in my new @lrm_goods collection the ‘Caroll’ after my mam- I thought it made sense as she is great to have around, brilliant to travel with, and super stylish... JUST LIKE THE BACK PACKS ?? (btw the back pack comes in 4 colours- baby, grey- like the one in the picture- taupe and black!) Shop the full @lrm_goods collection today and, don’t forget Christmas is coming up and our beautiful little monogrammed accessories ha…ve that perfect personalised touch to make your gifts that extra special ⭐️??
November 12, 20203.4k
What a difference a week makes.. ???‍♀️? Well guys, firstly I would like to say congratulations- you have all survived a week of lockdown 2.0. You should all be proud of yourselves. I don’t care how you did it- exercised like a demon or walloped a full box of mince pies everyday- you did it ? I’ll hold my hands up, I didn’t deal with it well. In fact, I haven’t been dealing with things well for the last few weeks- my fears, my stress, & problems- I’ve pushed them all down & h…idden them with false smiles, busy days, constant rushing around & vapid conversations to avoid talking about how I really felt. But today, for the first time in ages- I sat down & spoke with my life coach & everything just came tumbling out. You know when you’re a kid & you go on holiday & you’re playing in the pool? Did you ever hold a ball under the water & see how long you could keep it there before it burst up to the surface & splashed everywhere?! ? Well that’s what I’ve been doing with my emotions recently, forcing them all down & today, they rose up to the surface & no one was safe from the splash zone ???‍♀️ But after I’d cried my tsunami of tears I felt like a weight had been lifted- like I wasn’t so stressed & tired anymore! Can anyone else relate to this?! Or am I just a raging lunatic?! ???‍♀️? I know I can’t be the only one who when things get tough, or scary, or traumatic- just shuts down & presses on like nothing is wrong. But actually, that is the most detrimental coping mechanism possible. Because just like when you were a kid holding the ball under the water, not only does the exertion of trying to keep it down exhaust you, but also- you can’t keep it locked away forever.. you’re simply delaying the inevitable. The splash, the outburst, the breakdown. This year has been undeniably difficult for everyone & on top of everything else we’re still trying to keep up appearances of being ok. Well It’s time we stopped. Lockdown is awful & we all have our own struggles & acting tough & stoic isn’t the answer here- being open, honest & not so bloody hard on ourselves is. So remember to be kind to yourself always & don't be afraid to let that ball go ??