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August 3, 20201.1k
A few years ago a guy came up to me at breakfast in a hotel in LA. He said “I love your trousers”, he told me he was a photographer and I instantly felt like I’d known him for years, we kept in touch and he quickly……
June 9, 20201.3k
If you are shocked by this, it’s time to open your eyes. We have an underbelly too. This is the UK.
June 6, 2020859
Pt 2
June 6, 20202.3k
Recognition Pt 1. Just some thoughts that have been on my heart. No pressure, but here they are nonetheless
May 31, 2020247.5k
Generations of pain.
May 30, 2020108
Have a browse through this thread…
May 7, 20205.1k
December 17, 20192k