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August 3, 20202.1k
A few years ago a guy came up to me at breakfast in a hotel in LA. He said “I love your trousers”, he told me he was a photographer and I instantly felt like I’d known him for years, we kept in touch and he quickly became ‘Uncle Misan’, a lover of all things creative, he’s someone who is able to consume an immense amount of content at one time and wants to share his child like wonder of all things beautiful and creative. An incredibly talented individual, a wonderful father &… husband. He’s someone who supports other creatives and works his butt off. And here we are...The first black man to photograph a cover of @britishvogue in the magazine’s history (shout out my girl @nadineijewere who captured the January 2019 cover). And of course everything is connected, only a visionary like @edward_enniful could orchestrate and capture this moment in history in this form...lets continue the conversation. Love you @misanharriman love you @edwardenniful. @marcusrashford and @adwoaaboah giving us beauty in its purest form. CARMMMMMM ONNNNNNNNNNNN. ???
June 7, 20182.2k
My two new tunes, 'So Low' and 'Undercover' are out today on all platforms. These are vibes if I do say so myself ???.