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March 22, 2021454
Exciting news, ! is just around the corner and we can't wait to bring you six all new original movies with stars like @IAmLaceyChabert, @chadmmurray & more! Hear all about them now from @etnow:
February 15, 2021199
Ready to solve another mystery ? continues with the all new Signature Mystery Series : Terminal Descent starring @IamLaceyChabert @brennan_elliott and @BarbaraNiven. It starts NOW!
February 15, 2021327
Thank you to everyone for tuning in! We appreciate you
February 15, 2021132
February 15, 2021215
I went skydiving for my 30th birthday. Most terrifying but exhilarating experience. Once was enough though ;)
February 15, 2021239
The diner scene is one of my favorites because the charterers learn things about each other they never knew before.
February 15, 202151
He was wonderful to work with. @P_JBenson
February 15, 202179
Meant it as a compliment! @hallmarkmovie
December 25, 20201.4k
Merry Christmas!
December 24, 2020117
Be sure to set your DVR to record for Christmas morning! It's commercial free! Now THAT'S a lovely gift @hallmarkchannel Enjoy it with family whenever you want... @hallmarkchannel 9:30AM/8:30 @IamLaceyChabert @IamWillKemp Christmas is magical. So is this .