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December 20, 20202.2k
Our elves have been pretty silly these past few days. We have two now! They are named Elfie and LuLu. Elfie went missing so LuLu showed up to keep us company and then Elfie decided to reappear at the last minute so we now have double the trouble! ? They made a miniature version of our gingerbread house, took a hot air balloon ride and made sugar snow angels in a sugary wonderland! ?? I wonder that they’ll do next?! Seriously, pls tell me below what your elf is up to ❤️
December 6, 20202.4k
I’m joining @cameo for a limited time! 100% of the proceeds I receive will be donated to @newdayfoundation New Day helps so many who are fighting cancer. So with the purchase of these personalized videos, you’ll be helping families who need some extra support through the holidays ?? ?Thank you & Happy Holidays! @cameo ・・・ MARK YOUR CALENDARS (and check them twice ✔️) The Holiday Queen @thereallacey is joining Cameo this Monday 12/7 for one week! All of her proceeds will be donated to @newdayfoundation ❤️
December 5, 20205.7k
I really enjoyed working with @wwwjustleon on this movie! The movie is based on the song by executive producer @blakeshelton Tune in tonight to see why these characters have been mysteriously brought together to spend Christmas with each other. ❤️
December 5, 202011k
Premieres tonight! Loved working with this wonderful group of people on “Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas” This movie has a beautiful message ?Catch it tonight at 10/9c on @hallmarkmovie
November 28, 20201k
Tonight’s the night! So happy to finally share with you on @hallmarkchannel at 8/7c I’ll be sharing pics and videos here today and be live tweeting with you over on Twitter. I hope you join the party!
November 28, 20203.4k
It was difficult to keep a six feet distance from these two as I wanted to run up and hug them so hard every day! @therealmichaeldamian & @janeendamian are the hardest working people around. They cared about every frame of Christmas Waltz and I can never thank them enough for being such wonderful partners. I love you guys! ❤️ Ps-we should have taken more pics together. This is the only one I have!
November 27, 20202.7k
Only two more days! Christmas Waltz premieres on Saturday night on @hallmarkchannel I hope you tune in! ?