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Merry Christmas people, in whatever form or tier it comes, let’s make the best of it. Sending love xx
Please read this ..... URGENT
Oh my god! So sad. The end of an era..... did you ever think you’d see the day when so many great businesses would crumble, theatres close..... My heart goes out to all those In hospitality who are buckling under the weight of such unpredictable, chaotic & devastating times....
Episode 4 is here! On The Edge with Graham and James. Listen to our catch up with
@dollyjoyner this would make a great ‘and finally’ story on the News we all need to have our spirits lifted after such a difficult year for so many
Years ago the news always ended with a positive story. It was an unspoken rule after the misery to end on a high note. Why don’t they still do it? We need it more than ever for our mental health
One of the warmest welcomes I had when first joining Enders was from You. My heart goes out to Scott&the family. So warm, so whitty, always a twinkle in your eye, so rightly adored. Sending love up to the stars for you Bar..... you’ve always been one of them xx
I’ve made a donation to this as this year has proven that the more money we throw at research, the better we understand, the more awareness we spread - the more chance we have of finding cures and treatments @PandasPans…