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March 14, 20215.9k
Big up the mums! And the mothers that came before them. So many of you missing your mothers more than ever today, either in their absence or because of restrictions. I’m thinking of you. I’m thankful every day for my own mum and looking through these photos, I can see more than ever that we often become them! I love how you make the best of every situation mum- if you’ve got to iron on a sunny day- take it outside! If the whole house needs fixing- get to it! I’m thankful for all the fresh organic veg you’ve grown for us all our lives- before it was trendy! Don’t lose your positive, sunny self in this weirdest of years- looking forward to all the celebrations to come, making up for those that we’ve missed and ones we’ll simply invent to be together. Love you with all my heart ? - credit for wedding @luke_varley_photo
February 20, 20212.8k
After being very grateful to go back to work this week, I’m back in my happy place
February 14, 20214.4k
Last night I was told to get dressed up and meet downstairs. For the first time since Christmas, I brushed my hair, (kinda) put on a dress-even popped a lash on! We then got in the car and drove around the block to arrive home. Where we had a glass of champagne by the fire. Then I followed them up two flights of stairs to the top landing- where a rather snooty maitre de took my name and reservation- you know one of those that are so cool that you’re not sure you’re even welcome to gracd the presence of their restaurant? Perfect ? Then I was escorted into the room in the house that I spend least time in! Which is great when you’ve been locked down for months- a change of view. Garden lights, candles and petals all around my sons bedroom. Two tables for two and a very quiet baby..... so thoughtful, such a great surprise. So lucky to have kids with an imagination and who haven’t yet been worn down by this endless lockdown..... ??
January 11, 20211.7k
Some great bits on here if any working parents need some guilt free time and want to put the kids in front of the box. Or if you struggle with access to devices or wi-fi- Early years programmes on CBBC until midday and some BBC2 in the afternoon. Particularly like their celebrity supply teacher slot with my lovely friends from Emmerdale doing gardening and a workout with Marcus Rashford - one week down, good luck team! ??
January 5, 20213.3k
A little thought on home schooling. As we stay at home, let’s be grateful for our NHS workers, battling against the odds relentlessly for us. When it all feels too much let’s be thankful for our scientists and researchers who haven’t stopped this year- not all super heroes wear capes. If another 6 weeks at home with your children is something you find challenging, scary or overwhelming- I wanted to share my mums advice. Always be able to ask for help and reach out.
December 11, 202014.8k
One of the warmest welcomes I received when first joining Eastenders was from the legend that is Barbara Windsor. My heart goes out to Scott and the family. So warm, so whitty, always a twinkle in your eye and so rightly adored. I last saw her at home just before this world turned upside down in a way non of us could imagine. Sending love up to the stars for you Bar..... you’ve always been one of them xx