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December 27, 2020797
Look at this entitled selfish maskhole walking into CVS in Los Angeles, which is the epicenter of the pandemic with more than 29,000 new cases TODAY and 131 new deaths. Then argues with a frontline healthcare worker. These people are living a shared delusion - Folie à deux
December 27, 2020197
Anyone else experiencing some kind of emotional holiday hangover right now? I was completely fine Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; but for some reason, all the feels hit me today.
December 27, 202019
I hardly share this. But as an actual certified yoga instructor stop listening to these fucking essential oil and love and life misusing bitches. It is 1000% okay to do nothing.
December 26, 2020784
Had myself a merry little Christmas
December 25, 2020383
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
December 25, 2020255
Merry Christmas Aussies!
December 24, 2020160
Post a pic of you next to someone who is slightly more famous than you.Показать эту ветку
December 24, 2020124
It’s really Christmas Eve y’all. Like what? Lol
December 24, 20201.4k
“We isolate now so when we gather again, no one is missing.”
December 23, 202093