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April 15, 202118.2k
To be a woman is a superpower ☄️
April 13, 20214.9k
Did you know that dolphins take care of members of their pod when they’re sick or injured? They are intelligent and empathetic.They have expansive languages, they even have their own names.They also play with other sea animals to socialize. I love them ??
April 11, 202117.5k
Finally being back into gear after dealing with all the setbacks the past 18 months is amazing. @1stPhorm Project-1 pre-workout has given me the extra push I needed to really lock me back into my full, unrestricted routine.
April 10, 202116.2k
Team Nachos or Team Tacos???? @sugartaco
April 9, 202121.1k
Confession time! Swipe to read ? ?? This stupid wrinkle has so much control over my life! I always want to post more video content but I am not confident enough to show these completely normal and fairly minimal neck lines/wrinkles Ridiculous! PS: wear sunscreen yall! I wish I had listened when I was younger instead of laying out in the Australian summers with only low spf tanning oil on! ?
April 8, 202121.7k
Can I just say shoutout to @1stphorm I’ve also noticed it really reduces the appearance of my cellulite! ??‍♀️? Probably my favourite PS: Don’t let the greens fool you, it tastes like berries not grass ?
April 7, 202123.9k
Lounging around @loungeunderwear ? LoungeUnderwear
April 6, 202128.7k
Comment with something ur grateful for✨
December 21, 202040k
10 days til 2021..... ⏱@dreamstatelive
December 20, 202032.9k
✨? Gift idea ?✨ @1stphorm luggage can be personalized, is extremely durable and versatile! I’ve used this backpack constantly for the past few years, from hiking to carry-on on flights and it’s still good as new.