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April 1, 202155
I stopped googling myself every day. Now I do it once a month. I feel a lot better.
March 28, 202142
Another day another opportunity to learn something.
March 23, 202127
Oh if I have to make a break with the hyper individualistic hyper fake “woke” girls I will. Good riddance to bad poo.
March 8, 20210.9k
In Myanmar most people assume men have higher power than women. But boys in Myanmar changed this long-held belief with proof of wearing longyi on their heads in this International Women Day STOP SIEGE
March 8, 20211.9k
Protesters in Yangon’s North Okkalapa Township gather to join the general strike on Monday. They are seen raising the three-finger salute in tribute to those who have lost their lives resisting the February 1 military coup.
March 5, 202121
Can someone please do a modern version Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and hire me I think it would be very timely!!!
February 28, 2021130
Saying the word “transgender” in a speech doesn’t give you the right to bomb Syria @JoeBiden
February 12, 20219
"In a related issue, the painter George Bellows was criticized by a fellow artist for depicting scenes in World War I that he had not witnessed firsthand, claiming therefore he had no right to paint them. Bellows responded, famously, that..."— Don Barrett
January 21, 202130
Madonna had something to say in “American Life” but why should singers only make anti establishment music during a Republican administration
January 21, 202124
“While fascist coup plotters, war criminals, murderers , swindlers, cheats and convicted felons were granted clemency by Trump, there was no pardon for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange or NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.”