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26 دسمبر، 202092.5k
If you see me taking pictures by my tree till February...Mind ya business
25 دسمبر، 202079k
Merry Christmas everyone.I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas! Don’t get discouraged by seeing people getting gifts or if you are a loner spending the holidays alone.Eats cookies & milk and watch movies and be super cozy. What’s better then that? LOVE YOU
25 دسمبر، 202016.5k
I couldn’t find no maids
25 دسمبر، 202043.6k
Cleaning the fuck out this house while listening to rubi new mixtape.
25 دسمبر، 20207.2k
24 دسمبر، 20206.7k
24 دسمبر، 20204.7k
Cause I wasn’t driving .It was a fake carGOTTEMM
24 دسمبر، 20206.5k
Hey guys a new EPISODE of is out now on Facebook’s the link…
23 دسمبر، 20201.1k
Cardi B X reebok
23 دسمبر، 20205.3k
Can’t wait