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March 31, 2021589
A woman with wings don’t need no pedestal
March 29, 202149
Keep up with my artist I just signed!!
March 29, 2021703
I hate when somebody reply back to my sincere messages with emojis...
March 26, 20211.3k
I want a degree In economics. Where should I go to school at?
March 22, 2021780
They say the world want the truth but they enjoy lies
March 19, 2021261
I’m a have the biggest NFT drop mark me words!!! Drop three new records on NFT... what site should I drop on?
March 19, 202185
This the future https://trapnft.com
March 19, 2021144
Follow my last two tweet if you smart
December 25, 2020367
Use your imagination
December 22, 20201.1k
Love yourself b4 you attempt to love anything else