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December 25, 20201k
Merry Christmas . Waking up with Santa’s little helper! There is no better joy than family , and friends who are like family. Sending love to you and your family @tamronhallshow
December 25, 202080
No, the THANK YOU is owed to the tireless team at @CookChildrens Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
December 23, 202059
Stunning performance. Thank you @leannrimes
December 23, 2020132
If you watch @MaRaineyFilm you owe it to yourself to watch George C. Wolfe explain when Levee manages to breakthrough the “closed door”. Must see “ A legacy brought to screen” The special on @netflix
December 23, 2020134
I got my pot in hand, wish I could visit y’all for dinner. We did the next best thing today. @tamronhallshow First ever Potluck dinner. Get all the recipes on Tamron Hall show website !
December 21, 2020412
Woke up to my in a cup. [email protected]
December 20, 202076
THIS WEEK ON "Tamron Hall": MON: @StephenCurry30, @ayeshacurry and @ladya TUES: Holiday cooking show WED: @leannrimes and @msdebbieallen THURS: and Madison Reyes FRI: @JayPharoah, @WillieGeist and @christinageist See you then!
December 18, 2020109
She is an incredible woman. A proud woman who deserves justice.
July 27, 20203.4k
Did I post my acceptance speech looking like this