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December 25, 20200.9k
Was Santa good to you?
December 24, 20201.6k
It's giving... Mrs. Claus is out the picture
December 22, 2020352
Proud to follow, but I’m not doing anymore school after this home girl Shoutout to @teamusa for a full scholarship to complete my MBA @devryuniversity & for supporting athletes to succeed beyond sport. We’re celebrating this win & the fact that school’s out (forever!!!)!
December 21, 202021
Beauty influencer @shalom_blac, artist Cristina Martinez, and athlete @SloaneStephens are the brains behind the line.
December 18, 202017
A9: If I’m at an editorial shoot, we like adding a little @VaselineBrand glow to my cheekbones for that extra camera pop
December 18, 202013
A8: is bigger than skincare.. it’s about being yourself boldly and sharing your authentic self with the world. Tbh it's the greatest form of self-love and , especially in 2020.
December 17, 202017
A7: I loved creating these products with @shalom_blac & the @VaselineBrand team because being a WOC creating something for WOC is really f-ing special.
December 17, 202013
A6: We partnered because of my preexisting love for the brand and 100% authenticity was key.. our partnership had to be rooted in my years of love for the brand and sharing that passion with people.
December 17, 202015
A5: My journey has been super rewarding - a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns that come with sport, but tennis has given me so much in my life that I can only be grateful.
December 17, 20208
A3: Had some TLC this morning after my shower with a facial gua sha stone massage (so relaxing) followed by my favorites from . Then a full-body glow up using our @Vaseline Illuminate Me body butter