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Love starts with you, love yourself, treat yourself as a queen! The way you will be able to treat others with love and respect. Let’s stop the hate shall we? Use your social media to spread love and no hate. Be your own yourself. . . . . .
If you think it’s easy wearing these Walter melons everyday; wait until you try yo buy clothing 😂. . .
I want to thank all my mistakes that I have done in my life. Because today I’ve leaned from them. Sometimes doing things wrong, isn’t always a bad thing. As long you learn from your mistakes. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Love and you and thank you for the support. . Also they can try to take me down. But my smile will always stay in place. 😄🤟🏼❤️💃🏻🎙 happy Persian new year 💥🌟🎆🎇 . .
Thinking about live, how can we move on after a huge disappointment🧐. . . . .
Today I like to take a time and wish all woman up there a happy women’s day. We have the power, we are the power! Enjoy you, love you. Be you🥰🤟🏼✂️🤟🏽🙌🏼. . . .
The world is full of haters, but we need to keep our head high up and don’t allow these negativity get in our skin. Life is too beautiful to worry about haters. Happy Saturday everyone 🤟🏼💝💃🏻🙏🏽✂️🔥✂️. . . .
I wanna dance with somebody always. Live life to the fullest you never know when it will your last time here.
We all go through struggles in live. I did, I had for a long time eating disorder. Never before talked about. New video coming soon... I feel your pain. . . . .
T-shirt cutting gone wrong😬🤣🤣😂
Last Christmas I gave you my heart! But the very next one you gave it away! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere I go. Merry Xmas everyone! Can’t wait for 25th. I have a surprise to everyone🔥‼️💍✌🏽👌🏼🤟🏼♥️💃🏻. . . . . . .