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December 16, 20202.7k
The champions for Black female founders are here to stay. It's time we all play on the same court.
December 15, 20201.1k
Whether she’s on or off the court, People list, she shares how she balances time between her family, her businesses, and her sport.
December 6, 2020352
SERVING up an amazing show for you with some equally amazing women! Don't miss @SerenaWilliams, @MerleDandridge and @AjaNaomi_King on the next Kelly!
December 4, 2020361
Athlete, entrepreneur, investor and fashion designer @serenawilliams has inspired us at every step of her career. Join us at Table Stakes to hear her share insights from starting her own fund, Serena Ventures, and investing in companies like @DlyHarvest, @billiebody, and @tonal
December 3, 2020664
Tune in later today for my
November 27, 2020513
Love a good surprise! So excited about our Limited Edition @sbyserena Mystery Box…
November 25, 20203.9k
. documentary echoes my experience and of women worldwide who everyday balance family and personal goals. If you are in India, you can catch Being Serena on @DiscoveryPlusIn
October 31, 20204.5k
I’m hiding my phone... have my brightness on the lowest setting... hoping
October 30, 20201k
Proud to team up with
October 29, 20201.1k
4 tournaments, 2 countries and 1 baby on the go. That can trigger my migraine attacks, so I carry @UBRELVY for anytime, anywhere. Patient information: