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December 18, 20203.3k
FRIENDS!! My LIVE book is 40% off! ? This is the perfect gift to make the holidays special this season (or your own!), so don't miss out! Click the link to order!
December 17, 2020375
WHOA!! NEW EPISODE!! Songwriter and produce Nate Butler doesn't take himself too seriously, but he's dropping some serious wisdom as he takes on the tough issues of 2020! click the link to listen?
November 25, 202045k
a year ago today... I can’t imagine the past year of my life without this man right beside me. He is a treasure I tell you. A quite confidence with a bold faith... a rarity of goodness and kindness - that is who He is. He loves so sweetly and strongly. I loved you last year on this day, but wow how much more has my love grown reflecting back on this year with you and starting to grow a family with you. Gods design for marriage is stunning. I can truly say two are better than one. You make me better. Thank you for pursuing Jesus first, because I know that’s the greatest blessing of our marriage! Can’t wait for year 2 and then every year after that to come ❤️ happy anniversary my love :)
November 25, 20201k
GOOD NEWS!! Passion 2021 // Online // December 31st We will gather ONLINE to worship JESUS on the last moment of 2020, as we step into the new year.… Register HERE.
November 23, 202014k
"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful." Colossians 3:15
November 20, 202010k
whoa that’s good : the thing you say to someone when they say something good. A few years ago my mom and I were at an event together doing a Q&A. The question I was asked was “what is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?” My answer was something my great grandma said (she says a lot of good things)... she said to me, “you are not kind because other people are kind to you - you are kind because YOU are a kind person.”… Meanwhile moms mic was still hot while I was talking and as soon as I said that quote my mom said for everyone to hear, “whoa, that’s good.” Everyone in the crowd starting laughing, because the way she said it was so funny? When we got backstage we started talking about how fun of a podcast that would be if we asked influential people the best piece of advice they have ever been given and call it whoa that’s good! Years later I could have never imagined this podcast would impact millions of people. I’m so thankful for that and for every piece of advice that’s been given for all of us to hear. I can truly say I’m a better person because of being a part of this podcast and learning from those on it. All Glory to God! Today we launched our first piece of merch for our friends who love our podcast! Rock it and spread encouragement! Much love! Thanks for all the support ❤️
October 23, 20209.6k
If you didn't already know -- we are expecting a baby! We wanted to share our pregnancy story on how we found out and answer some questions about baby Huff!