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December 22, 2020153
My weakness
December 21, 202031
A punter throwing to a center on 4th and goal, I wonder what could go wrong here? How are these people coaching professional football teams?
December 21, 2020268
So who’s dumb decision was it to have the punter throw the ball on 4th and goal? Joe Judge, Kitchens, or Gentleman?
December 19, 2020243
Watching @CFBONFOX from home, feeling like the kid that didn’t get to go on the field trip...
December 19, 2020180
@ReggieBush has been pushing for an 8-team CFP all season long What do you think of his bracket?
December 19, 2020437
We should be saving those timeouts for the end of the game when we are going to need them
December 17, 2020255
“I think it’s really our culture that’s changed… When we’re down, we always think we can win.” @amonra_stbrown sits down with @ReggieBush to discuss the biggest misconceptions about @USC_FB and what it would mean to win the @pac12 Championship
December 15, 2020661
Justin Tucker