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January 10, 202186
answers questions in a new Rouge Video
December 18, 2020324
Opening today in World of Wong Kar Wai · 2046 (new restoration!) · THE GRANDMASTER: Hong Kong cut (U.S. premiere!) · THE GRANDMASTER: U.S. cut (free for members!) · ASHES OF TIME REDUX · MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS (free for members!) Watch nationwide:
December 7, 202097
Did you catch on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Show’? If not, watch her appearance here
December 6, 2020170
What a find! Some wonderful outtakes from one of Natalie's earliest and most memorable photoshoots. More here
December 1, 202064
Check out Natalie's new ‘Jimmy Kimmel Show’ Appearance
November 25, 2020124
Natalie discusses the stadium for her new project, Angel City F.C.
November 25, 2020108
Feeling hungry? Natalie teaches you how to make on Instagram
November 24, 2020135
Star Wars fans - YOU'RE IN LUCK. Natalie will be signing autographs. Learn more here
November 6, 2020126
Watch 's virtual appearance at the LA Times Festival of Books –
November 5, 2020219
Remember Remember the 5th of November… and that is now available in 4k UltaHD