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March 31, 202112
Hearing about @RonanFarrow’s love of slimy foods, his favorite audio book reccs, and his most joyous high school memories made me like him even more... love how deep @Driverminnie gets in 25 minutes, without it ever feeling forced.
March 30, 2021672.3k
“Were you a CONTAINER ship or were you a CONTAINED ship?”
March 29, 20212.2k
A friend wrote my mother’s name on the beach at Mawgan Porth. It is shocking somehow, seeing her name; comforting though too. Strange, the things that reach into grief x
March 24, 2021237
On the first episode of my new podcast, Minnie Questions, @violadavis speaks to the mechanics of invisibility as an actor - amongst many other things. I am still thinking about the answers Viola gave me. And I will forever be in awe of her as an actor. Listen up on @iHeartRadio
March 23, 202162
Nah, felt like Proust had really bled that question dry.
March 23, 2021315
Minnie Questions is ready for your ears as of tomorrow, Wednesday, March 24th on the iheart radio app, or wherever you get your podcasts. My first guest is the sublime, talented and generous @violadavis
March 16, 202175.3k
Ask yourself: Could this meeting be a zoom? Could this zoom be a phone call? Could this phone call be an email? Could this email be a text? Could this text be unsent? Could we in silence retreat to the forest? Could we, by game trails & forgotten paths, vanish into the trees?
January 20, 2021501
January 20, 2021196
‘Lets wrap it up I got dinner at 4’
January 20, 2021399
Nobody got no hugs for Pence.