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April 2, 20214.4k
THE TRIAL WITH THE vitcim GEORGE FLOYD” is American racism at his’s all stupid,trying justify a black man being choked for 8mins 15secs and killed at the hands of white man is sick to see in 2021 this is America tho!
April 1, 20218.2k
Who the best video shooter with the street videos..... we looking for editors and shooters!
March 31, 20219.7k
I’m doing a nft album as soon as im out my deal!
March 30, 202147.9k
This summer gone be crazy I can smell it lol
March 30, 20214k
I make the Richie match the Virgil when I change the band
March 30, 202112k
Put her on the block list I’m like bye Felicia
March 25, 20212.1k… NEED SOME LAWYERS TO HELP ME WITH THIS!! This the definition of being caught in the system!
March 25, 20215.6k
he flames
January 25, 202118.2k
I grab her neck she look up and I kiss her?
January 24, 202115.5k
Told her do her own ting