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January 18, 202137
Today we honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., whose message of kindness continues to inspire around the world.
January 15, 202148
Medal of Kindness recipients Ayanna and Amani Shah plus swipe to see all the tennis items champion @Madison_Keys donated to their organization Amazing kindness all around!!
January 14, 20211.4k
January 13, 202116
@KindnessWinsFnd is expanding its Medal of Kindness effort during 2021 and beyond and will be collecting nominations on an ongoing basis. To learn more about the program and to submit, please visit
January 5, 202161
[email protected]_Keys + @jennifurbrady95 = match made in training partner heaven. | @LDavenport76 | @Steve_Weissman
December 25, 20201k
Sending you all warm wishes for a safe and happy holiday
December 23, 2020520
December 10, 20207
Tis the season to spread some ! Shop our Kindness Wins store for everyone who made your "good" list this year. Proceeds go back to @Madison_Keys @MikaelaShiffrin @OksanaMasters initiatives to spread kindness to the masses.…
December 8, 2020169
This year’s Peachy Kellmeyer Player Service Award is awarded to the WTA Players’ Council for their work during this unprecedented season. @kristieahn @GabyDabrowski @Madison_Keys @JohannaKonta @KrunicAlex @ChristinaMcHale @KikiMladenovic @NastiaPav @SloaneStephens @DonnaVekic
December 4, 2020166
"I play for the game and something much bigger than myself." @Madison_Keys plays for the moments