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March 20, 202129.7k
the “m” on my necklace isn’t for madi, it actually stands for “my necklace”
March 9, 202112.7k
i love going through my camera roll and finding gems like this from @emmaroseseye . the TALENT
March 1, 202113.1k
not sure why this thing thinks it’s december but it was made for kids ages 4 and up so there’s that
February 17, 202121.8k
happy birthday to the most beautiful soul. i’ve been struggling to find words for this caption because our friendship is truly out of this world... i’m so lucky that i get to live with you and watch you grow literally every single day. you’ve made me a better and happier person and i will love you forever roomie @christianweissmann
January 27, 202124.5k
fixed my nails immediately after this so u can’t make fun of them (pls)
January 5, 202141.8k
goodbye, 2012. hello, 2013!! ????
November 20, 202037.3k