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April 9, 20213.9k
We started homeschooling in December of 2018 for many reasons. The main reason we wanted to homeschool was to focus on our children’s character. We were also excited about choosing the curriculums we wanted to use. Boy, are we glad we made this decision now. What a blessing it has been. The things they are teaching in schools teach our children to devalue God, themselves, others, and our country. I hope homeschooling continues to grow and doubles in the year 2021.
April 6, 20212.7k
Thanks to @robogolfpro and @golf_johnson32 for getting me on track. Let’s keep getting better!
April 4, 202114.1k
Happy Easter! He is Risen! What an awesome celebration we are having. Thankful to be back in person for Easter Service this year! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Easter! Jesus is victorious! Jesus Reigns above it all!
April 3, 20219.8k
One of my favorite times of the year is Springtime. Seeing the new growth on the plants, all the different colors of flowers, the fish are biting, golf courses are pristine, turkeys are gobbling. This weekend we will be celebrating our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ. It is awesome to know we worship a living God, one that has conquered death. I want all of you to join me at church this weekend it is going to be special. Services and times are online at Come join us!
March 27, 20216.3k
I grew up camping, fishing, and hunting at Lewis Smith Lake. This time of the year is one of my favorite times to fish when the warm rains bring the bass up shallow. Check out my latest videos posted on my YouTube channel. Link in story and bio!
March 21, 202112.2k
The fishing tournament got serious real quick. Gus was catching all the fish and rubbing it in Asa’s face, bragging about it. Well, Asa had enough and was going to take him out. I thought y’all would like to see some brothers wrestle it out. They were back to fishing in no time and laughing at each other again. I love these times. I had to make Asa come with us and once we were out there he had a blast. No TV, no video games in this household ??. Gus won tournament by the way. Gus-6, Me-4, Asa-1.
March 17, 20219.1k
This tree, called the Banyan Tree, was a clear picture of staying connected to the main trunk/vine. A seed falls in a crack or crevice of the tree and germinates. It then sends its roots down to the ground making the tree stronger, bigger, and able to produce more fruit! Jesus says He’s the true vine and we are to remain in Him. We cannot bear fruit by ourselves. We are the branches that he prunes so we can produce more fruit. Apart from the main vine/Jesus we can do nothing. Read in the book of John chapter 15 Be blessed y’all.
March 11, 202112.7k
Been working on flattening my golf swing for years. Haven’t been able to accomplish it on my on. I saw the @robogolfpro on Instagram and sent one of his post to @golf_johnson32. Low and behold he was walking with him and @kamaiu.johnson at Bay Hill Golf Club in Orlando. I just got off this machine and it is awesome, exciting, and eye opening. It put the club and me in positions I’ve been trying to reach for years. I’m super excited to hit the golf ball now. About to tee it up @trumpdoral. Let’s go!!!
February 16, 20219.4k
My wife and I are snow skiing for the first time today. I busted my tail a couple of times. ? We are at the Kingdom Builders summit with some incredible friends and leaders. Excited to hear Vision being cast for 2021 to impact God’s Kingdom in a mighty way. We are believing in revival. Thanks for having us. @leedomingue
February 14, 20219.4k
We are back posting videos. Check out this bowhunt on my YouTube channel. Bowhunting whitetails in Texas was a dream come true for me. Go to story and bio for link to watch this hunt. I share a dynamite recipe that is easy to do. @mossyoak @mossyoakfishing @mossyoakgamekeepers @bowtecharchery Big thanks to @ezrawilderproch for directing and filming!