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April 1, 202124
It was the right choice.
April 1, 202119
JUSTICE!?!?! I see what you did there :)
March 31, 202121
Oh and @DeeksDamonDean - you're a wonderful person. Your donations are, well they're too much. But thank you.
March 31, 20217
Awww, thanks!
March 31, 202183
Happy 80th aquaman! This outing is going to be a trip :)
March 31, 202115
Right now on @macandmehomes - literally watching paint dry. If we make this a TV show, maybe we skip this bit. Deal?…
March 30, 202115
January 25, 20219
Okay team - this was not the plan, but who wants to Grind a Gladiator on Twitch today? I'll get on right now, I'm not scared. Let's go - @FortniteGame
January 25, 20212
Challenge Accepted. Quick, unplanned community Stream anyone?
January 25, 202115