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December 26, 20203.9k
Happy day!!!! I’m so excited to see !!! Ahhhh!!! (Below is live footage / the manifestation of my excitement ) @DCComics
December 25, 2020523
Happy day! @jurneesmollett @GalGadot Wonder Woman #34 by @GailSimone & @aaronlopresti
December 18, 2020170
Is this in a particular order? https://twitter.com/HelloKi46971101/status/1339896370593841152…
December 18, 2020615
December 18, 2020251
Saw melted my heart. The cast @steveyeun stellar ...truly a revelation. @A24
December 18, 20202.4k
Was just having a debate with a friend about who are some of the best DC Villains...so I said let’s ask Twitter. What are some of your favorite villains within DCEU?
December 18, 20202.4k
Me too, Gail. Me too.
December 11, 2020521
Abolish the death penalty.
December 11, 2020141
On Episode 2 of podcast, actress @jurneesmollett told us about the business side of the industry, how she drew on her own family history in preparation for her role in @LovecraftHBO, and more. Check it out https://link.chtbl.com/LATEnvelope?sid=SocialOrganic…
December 10, 2020105
.'s 's Nicole Kidman, 's @MarkRuffalo as finalists for Performer of the Year: