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March 24, 2021259.6k
i have been mentally & physically locked in for the past 2 weeks. i realized that the only thing standing in my way was myself. i am completely sober, reading every day, working as hard as i can inside & outside of the gym, eating more food than i ever thought was possible, & pushing my body & my mind past the previous limits i had set for myself. i feel like a completely different human being & i have no intentions of letting my foot off the gas. i’ve been working so hard on so many things, i can’t wait for u guys to see & hear it all. last slide is day 1 to day 14 of 75 HARD. this is only the beginning.
March 15, 2021291.6k
i’m done playin around. i’m more focused than i’ve ever been in my entire life. on music, on fitness, but most importantly on my own happiness & truly living in the present moment. nothing exists but this moment right now, that’s all we ever get. new music is on the way. stay tuned.
January 3, 2021257k
happy new year
December 15, 2020275.7k
episode 1 of @parentaladvisoryshow is out now wherever u listen to podcasts. link in my bio to listen.
December 14, 2020114.9k
October 23, 2020247.1k
thank u @clashmagazine my first solo UK cover words: @brentonblanchet photography: @scott___west style: @brianpaulson creative: rob meyers