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April 8, 202120.5k
The part of @khloekardashian statement that really stood out for me. Tell me again how she “did this too herself?”.. society did this to her. Anyone who ever made her feel like she wasn’t enough did this to her. Anyone who left a nasty comment about her. The media. This girl is a victim, regardless of her fame. As soon as anyone succumbs to the immense pressure put on them which is usually years of abuse, they go from victim to “part of the problem” in an instant. Then you forget the abuse she faced because you’re more focused on tearing her down for succumbing to the pressure that was put on her in the first place. The same people to call her “the ugly sister” will be the same telling her she’s making their kids want surgery. Your kid doesn’t want surgery because the kardashians have had it. It is way deeper than that. It starts at home seeing parents on diets, constantly talking negatively about their own bodies and not focusing on projecting a healthy body image. Then at school the abuse worsens from bullies day in day out. Then online, the internet trolls and people who usually feel awful about their own self image project that onto others to make themselves feel better. Of course it would be incredible for all of the kardashians with their huge platforms to embrace the natural unedited versions of themselves, but I think we’ve all been educated enough now to know lighting and angles play a huge part and that picture of khloe was taking in unflattering harsh sunlight. (She still looked incredible) but just look at how many people picked her apart for it. Until you have walked a day in someone’s shoes you have no right to tell them how they should present themselves to the world when they’ve lived their entire life being picked apart. Let people post what they’re comfortable with and if that has an effect on you unfollow them. Lets not force people to put themselves out there so vulnerably when they are not ready. Just be kind, you have absolutely no idea what anyone is going through ❤️
March 28, 202144.1k
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