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April 12, 202143k
reason @shakeshack now offers 99cent delivery through the Shack App so now none of us have to put pants on !!! download the app & use my code ElsieDelivery for $5 off $20. if u were wondering what to get for lunch i hope i just helped u decide ?
April 6, 202140.5k
some recent life ???
March 18, 202138.2k
??? @motelrocks
March 17, 202163.6k
i mean it’s the other way around but? new @theloversanddriftersclub campaign??? so fun
March 16, 202152.6k
london & aussie shorties sing a different tune ?????
March 13, 202137.6k
March 6, 202138.2k
thank u for a special day of laughing and smiling and flowers and food and cake i feel so loved
March 5, 202195.5k
yktfv happi bday 2 me
December 20, 2020119.5k
winter in la ?? @passmorepics
December 4, 202023.9k