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January 12, 20211.1k
Part 2 of my interview with @jadescipioni on where I get my drive. Thank you Jade for the chat. @ZOAenergy
January 12, 20211.3k
Enjoyed my chat w/ @jadescipioni & @CNBC about a key lessons I’ve learned as we launched @ZOAenergy @Teremana and acquired @XFL2022 during Covid. Key is hire people WAY smarter than I am to build the spaceship and all I do is fly that sucker around
January 12, 20211.1k
We at @ZOAenergy are extremely excited to announce our exclusive distribution partnership with @MolsonCoors. We’re all motivated to get our first of its kind, clean & healthy energy drink to our retail partners and eager health conscious consumers. Let’s build team!
January 12, 20211.3k
Amazing reception for our official @ZOAenergy announcement From retail to consumers, everyone is ready for the first of its kind - clean & healthy energy drink made with immunity boosting superfoods and vitamins. Available this March.
January 12, 20214.4k
It’s been a pleasure creating and building with you @NetflixFilm. Well done and thank you for always taking care of my #1 boss (besides my wife ) - the audience. What a helluva roll out for 2021. We CAN’T WAIT for our to hit homes worldwide. @SevenBucksProd
January 11, 20212.8k
Ladies & gents, it’s our honor to introduce you to @zoaenergyThe first of its kind CLEAN & HEALTHY energy drink that champions the everyday warrior in all of us who lives LIFE POSITIVE. THIS MARCH http://bit.ly/ZOAdjTW @danygarciaco @daverienzi
December 25, 20201.4k
Unbelievable. Just seeing this and I’m so sorry to you and your wife. Hard to come up with words, but Lauren & I are sending our love, light, mana and strength to you, your wife and beautiful Francesca’s legacy. We support your event in her honor. https://teambeans.medium.com/team-beans-4657008c3073…
December 25, 20202.7k
About last night.. Thanks for baking cookies Thanks for pouring tequila All the mistletoe “mommy’s kissing Dwanta Claus” were fun And thanks for not calling the popo on Dwanta last night when you thought it was B&E.
December 25, 20201.8k
Appreciate you Champ and that @Teremana Apple Manarita is next level. Enjoy and Merry Christmas
December 25, 20202.1k
She’s a keeper! She clearly has impeccable taste! And you look like you’re about to shed a tear.. well just wait til you taste the @Teremana .. you’ll cry from deliciousness Merry Christmas to you and your lady