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March 20, 202124.8k
No longer by my side.... but Forever in my Heart R.I.P my lil man? I’ve spent the past years dedicated to Ares every move.. since his second eye was removed I literally have been his eyes, his legs, his everything. He has been my everything. I’ve adjusted my whole life for him so today I am waking up completely hallow. I basically sleep with one eye open incase he cries or pees or wakes up I can tend to him. I know this was going to be hard but I honestly didn’t think I would be this sad since I’ve had time to prepare for his departure. He went out eating, in my arms in the comfort of our home and that’s the way to do it, right?! My eyes have been sore for the past weeks and I know only time will help heal this... 15 years is a long time, he’s the extension of me.. I just need to keep reminding myself all the sunshine this little guy brought me. I can’t thank you all enough for all the heart filled messages ? I’ve literally read them all and keep telling my family how much these msgs have been helping me cope to not feel alone and so grateful how much you all love Ares and are concerned for me. ?I’ll miss you so much each and everyday just like I do your brother and sister. Thank you @allypapkophotography for capturing these *precious moments ❤️
March 17, 202140.7k
This is video is everything to me. It’s the one that makes me laugh, smile & cry every time I watch it. 2 more sleeps with my little man ? ?❤️
March 3, 202116.6k
What’s my
March 3, 20219.1k
? Happy Birthday Hoe @hellolouey This photo pretty much sums us up. You: being pretty, patient and put together with class Me: wreckless and wasted while you try to dress me in designer... then me throwing something cheap on my body like these discounted dad sneakers I love ? I LOVE and MISS you SO much BABE? Your life has not been the smoothest of sails and it has clearly moulded you into whatever creature you’ve become today and I love every shape and scar that has made you the strong role model you are to me and many others today (Except the scars on your knees because you couldn’t even walk my ? lab a block before he dragged you across the sidewalk, I don’t even know how but ya that was messed up) You’ve been there for my worst of days and without you and Angel I don’t even know where I’d be today.. Thank you for YOU, for always pushing me to be better, dress better, post more.. but most importantly... I can’t wait to bug you while you’re hungover and force you to drink!!! I KNOW YOU MISS ME SO MUCH hahah Happy Bday bitch ??❤️
February 28, 202177.5k
I have NEVER taken a brand deal if I don’t live n breathe it. In this case, I contacted @fanola cause I love their Cristalli liquid sh*t so much I wanted it for free LOL. Thanks for my package!!! I legit cannot live WITHOUT this serum... that’s it. Riel fking talk go cop it if ur hair is sh*t LOL
February 26, 202119.6k
?NEW VIDEO? Link in the bio.. and when you’re there... drop a COMMENT. But ONLY if you’re my FAN... ...leave a comment if ya know what’s good ?
February 21, 202117k
Saturday Night, I feel the air is getting hot... like you baby ? WYD, I’m boredddddd
February 14, 202115.1k
?‍♀️WIFEY @allypapkophotography @kissandmakeupbysim
December 19, 202060.4k
0-100 riel quick ?
December 16, 202021.3k
I’m a cheeky girl, but I’m always fully charged ? (If you look hard enough you’ll know what I’m talking about lmfaooo . Comment “? “ if you figure it out LoL)