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February 1, 202196.1k
As someone that watches A LOT of NBA games ... not just highlights and box scores.. it’s obvious that so many ppl who speak on the game don’t really watch.
January 31, 2021464
For Roosevelt, Madison and Parkrose @PPSConnect
January 31, 20211.7k
The Dame 7s that @Dame_Lillard cashed the game winner in last night in Chicago are the “RESPECT” colorway, celebrating his ongoing program with Portland’s public High Schools that highlights students who “show up, work hard and be kind.”
January 31, 20211.9k
That boy @Dame_Lillard be in the gym like:
January 31, 202191.6k
So today I met a young entrepreneur he’s 14 years old and his name is Mac, he’s running a hot dog outside of the 24 hour gas station in south Houston. They have 6 hot dogs representing him and his cousins. RT and like to support him.
December 23, 2020737
Thank you bro
December 23, 2020175
That range though.
December 22, 2020489
I’m Keeping It Real with @BOLT24 because we both know it pays to have range.
December 22, 2020801
December 21, 2020434
“It means the ability to make a difference and change the lives of so many young people.” - Coach Maisha Legacy is a program that helps us break barriers in sport and education in underrepresented communities. To learn more, head to http://adidas.com/Legacy