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February 17, 2021136
Does a video game exist where you can just be a bird and fly around?
February 15, 2021100
talking milkshakes eating pancakes
February 2, 2021152
new song today about tiny moments of sweetness within this pandemic and how much they can hurt. inspired by a day when I met some friends at a swimming hole that was infested with water snakes. then a hail storm came from outta nowhere and it was so biblical and on the nose.
November 22, 202022
also just found out "somethings just fall out of your hands" is now up on youtube
November 22, 202030
new pictures up on my website
November 14, 202018
November 13, 202030
there will never be a better review
November 13, 202089
my songs are out today! available on spotify, apple and bandcamp. "some things just fall out of your hands"
November 12, 2020142
My album comes out tomorrow. "Some Things Just Fall Out Of Your Hands". Available to stream/download everywhere
November 12, 20204
Lovely/lunar music video in two hours. Follow link in bio to watch live with me. Video by @SaraRejaie