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April 9, 202131.2k
Sending love and hugs from your favorite chick ??? which slide 1,2,3,4,5?
April 3, 202128.9k
Do you love my eyebrows ? ?Just got them absolutely slayed by @thebrowsacademy.vicki Also tried lip blush for the first time ? I’ll post more updates to story?
March 26, 202128.3k
Guess how tall i am?? 3 winners get a fb tonight ❤️ you can guess more than once ?
March 8, 202125.2k
Happy woman’s day? should I post more beach pics ?
February 25, 202125.4k
Meet me at the beach ? Which beach should I visit next I’m taking recommendation! ❤️
February 23, 202131.2k
Who wants to turn up the heat with me?? Check all my links for more ??
February 20, 202135.9k
Who’s staying in tonight n chatting w me ? ?❤️
February 1, 202138.6k
Waiting for you like. . .rate the fit 1-10?
December 19, 202018.2k
Which 1-5? Last day for 40% off
December 11, 202013k
Which 1-5? Do you need a little getaway? Here’s some postcards from paradise.