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December 25, 202049.1k
Sang about your hopes for 2021 on the channel today. It filled my soul. And also finally fulfilled your oft requested hope for 2020: Black Sheep cover.
December 22, 202053.1k
Standing with superhero royalty.
December 20, 202026.2k
Consider this my holiday card to all of you
December 18, 202017.3k
A life rule I live by: never compromise on cookie cuteness, even if they’re ~heAlthYyyy~.
December 11, 202039.9k
@NiaDaCosta @TeyonahParris
December 11, 2020329.6k
Guys I know this is shocking and brand new information but I am directing Captain Marvel 2 and I am so damn excited about it!
December 10, 202026.3k
At-home glam moment for tonight. (Sending to @ArianaGrande for the hair inspo.)
December 10, 20201.3k
Dad jokes with @brielarson? Yes. That happened for real.
December 2, 20206.5k
I baked a pie with my ~lovely~ Grandma and delivered it to my mom as a surprise for the holidays.
November 17, 20209.4k
Squeezing some stress relief in between her busy schedule, getting up and active, and connecting with the people closest to her. See how helps @BrieLarson make time for life’s simple, yet sometimes forgotten moments.