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On this week’s @sorrynotsorrypod Marc Elias of @democracydocket joins me to discuss the court cases that were filed, and lost, in an attempt to overturn a legitimate election. Listen now wherever you get your podcasts 🎙
Lives depend on bi-partisan cooperation. I know it feels impossible. But let’s try to move forward together. That does NOT mean we don’t demand justice and hold people accountable. It means we keep moving and advocating for the ideal. We can do it. We do big things.
If your elected officials don’t represent the people in your community, something’s got to give. On Learn more about taking the first step at ​​ (link in bio) @​runforsomethingnow
Children shouldn't die in prison. Pass the Juvenile Restoration Act, Maryland! The nation is watching you. Do the right thing
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. walks between seven-year-old Eva Gracelemon, left, and 10-year-old Aritha Willis as he escorts black school children to formerly all-white schools in Grenada, Miss., Tuesday morning, Sept. 20, 1966.
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Tomorrow is the big day! I'll be joining @theNCC and @BidenInaugural for the I'm so excited to speak for America’s 74 million children and their needs. Sign up here: (link in bio)
Disgraceful. 50 million people don’t have a enough food to eat and this is what they’re funding.
⭐️ NEW @sorrynotsorrypod ⭐️ @markashanahan was just 48 when he was diagnosed with Listen today wherever you get your favorite podcasts! 🎙