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April 5, 202117.4k
UPPER BODY back & triceps ?? . Control the weight! If you’re swinging the weight back and forth - it’s probably too heavy for you. Stay slow and controlled for each movement! . Superset 1: 4 sets Lat pull down x 12-15 reps Lat row x 12-15 reps Dips until failure . Superset 2: 4 sets Barbell rows x 12 reps with 1 sec hold at the top Bent over cable rows x 12 reps with pause on each arm Cable Tricep extension x 10 reps .
April 3, 202132.4k
Perks of living in South Florida : bikini season year round ? Curious if you ladies prefer high waist or low rise bikini bottoms? I personally prefer low rise because I feel they make my torso look longer ??‍♀️ . Guess what I’m launching this summer that is one of my faveeeeee projects I’ve been working on ?????????? A girl can never own too many bikinis .